Week Two Down

Yeah, remember when I said that nights with Annie were going swimmingly? Well, the you’re-being-a-braggart gods heard my loud pompous cries to friends and family and decided it was time to strike me down. They always wait until after at least the third time you brag about something, because at that point you feel really comfortable in what you’re spewing and therefore spew it with much more vigor than you would otherwise.

And here is the result of said bragging:
ruth cryNormally I’m the one making that face, but she can’t hold the camera yet to capture it.

And this is after the fourth brag:


And after the fifth and sixth:DSC_7519
Fifth is the spit up. Sixth is the saggy mom boobs. If I’d only not opened my mouth these babies still would’ve been skyward.

But stormy weather makes the sun shine that much brighter, because interspersed were moments like this:
ruth annie
…and then right back to the grind. We love you Annie.DSC_7512Some other happenings involved mixing play-doh to make different colors. DSC_7513A random garage sale up the street. DSC_7521We found a book on frogs and an unopened package of colored printer paper. You just can’t buy that stuff for fiddy cents at the ole walmart. So even though the dresser drawer that houses my random sheets of blank paper is to the point of exploding into one gigantic origami windmill, the package still managed to make it home.

We also made cloud dough.

DSC_7536You can see where Ruth gets her hair styles from. DSC_7537It’s been hot and humid this past week. A couple mornings, we went to the park and then collapsed onto the couch in a heap of sweaty limbs. So we tried to find a shady spot to play with the cloud dough.

Later that night Ruth went to swim lessons. This is her swim hair when she gets home. DSC_7545Maybe I should take her swimming every day. I’m liking the flock of seagulls look (thank you for that line, Samuel L Jackson.)

Speaking of Ruth. She’ll say “Hold? Hold?” and then when we say “Hold you?” she’ll reply “Okay!” as if it were our idea in the first place. It kind of makes me proud.

In other news, she shoves her face like her mama. That also makes me proud.

DSC_7548We also gave Miss Annie her first bath.DSC_7524No cries from this babe. She liked it. Or maybe she was just too terrified of the knives behind her to show any emotion.DSC_7526
All I know is that while I’ve been tired, irritable, and short-tempered this week, I seriously love this new little addition and my growing family.DSC_7531
I can’t kiss her and Ruthie enough.

Don’t let me out of the house


I was in the cry room at church last Sunday, nursing Ruthie. Finally, I was let out of my quarantine and made my way out to R. As soon as I got to the aisle, I noticed something was amiss. So I looked down (Naturally. As about 1 out of every 3 embarrassing things that happen to me involve my chest in some way.) and holy schnikes, one side of my nursing bra was hanging out for all to see. Apparently, I forgot to pull my shirt back up. (For the record, I had to look up how to spell schnikes and, look, it’s got its own definition: A non-cursing expression of amazement and/or surprise. It’s pronounced schnaik-ees, not schnaiks.)

I sat down next to R and whispered, “Well, I gave the whole back row a show. That outta bring ’em back next Sunday.” He looked puzzled but I didn’t elaborate, because I was already in the middle of thanking God that at least my bra had been pulled up.

You’d think I’d learned my lesson, huh. Nope.

Ruth and I were listening to the KSU football game and I took a photo to remember that special moment. And it is indeed special now.

The nursing pad gave it a glamorous touch, I have to say. She’s appalled.

This is going in her baby book.

I’m a Natural

…at nursing in public. My first venture was at my brother’s house a couple weekends ago.

I mean, look how at ease I am. Can’t you tell by the look on my face? And that color does wonders for my jeans.

Ruth tends to disagree. We constantly find her with a scowl and biting her finger in disbelief that she’s stuck with us.