16 sept 2019

Ruthie turned 8 and life is just getting more fun every year with her. She took a few friends to the movies to celebrate, followed by Chick-Fil-A afterwards. Her friends are the SWEETEST, but sweet attracts sweet I guess.

On her actual birthday, we picked them up from school and went straight to Chuck E Cheese. Despite my initial groans, it was very relaxing. No one was there and all the girls had fun running around doing their own thing. Also, soda.



We found a game that Gertie loved.



Reading her birthday books well into the night. I was headed to bed around 10:30 and she was still up.
HBD Ruth!

13 sept 2019

On Wednesdays we go to the library during Gertie’s therapy to do schoolwork. We found this sunny spot that will be perfect in the colder months. Annie is done with her Kindergarten stuff in 30 minutes, but 2nd grade has really upped its game. Ruth’s hanging in there though and has upped her fashion game to match: high-heeled black shoes with athletic shorts, a sweet T, and all the accessories including a bedazzled unicorn head band. Get it gurl.

She’s pulling faces left and right to make us laugh and when I went to her class yesterday to help stuff homework pages, her teacher said Ruthie makes this certain squinched up face so much that now the teacher finds herself doing it at home. Sigh.