22 August 2019

Annie had to miss her first day of Kindergarten because she was still waking up in pain during the night, so Ryan took Ruthie in on Tuesday which thrilled her.

Come Thursday, Annie was ready to go but was nervous and thought everyone would laugh bc she was so. She stalled going to bed the night before and stared out the window at the deer in our yard. 9pm came and went and she was still going strong awake.

Ruthie was so sweet this morning, helping her do her hair and getting dressed. I walked Annie in and she instantly made a friend. When I had to go she smiled her closed mouth smile which means she’s “got this.” She ended up having a great day she said.

Come afternoon, everyone was tired and emotionally spent and hungry and crashed in bed after dinner.

I’m excited about this new year though. Each year I get more confident handling the work at home. The homeschooling part for Kindergarten now seems like a breeze when I remember feeling overwhelmed with Ruthie at this same juncture. 👍

And yes that’s luggage for her backpack. 😂 They’re required to use something with wheels bc of the amount of books taken back and forth and 2nd grade just upped their textbook game, so here we are with a hard cased expandable carry-on.

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