27 july 2019

Ruthie found an old burp cloth I saved and had to reenact.

Annie and I spent the evening and night together. She had a sleep study done because of her snoring and will need her tonsils out. One request was to go to the Denny’s that we pass by every day to therapy. Ruthie was so sweet and happy for Annie to get to go, even though she really wanted a pancake breakfast too. Annie kept wanting to call her from the restaurant to tell her things like, no they don’t have the puppy pancakes and that we found a tick in her ear.

No greens at this table! Mac n Cheese with a side of goldfish. She made me laugh so much.

Before going to the study, I needed to pick up some sunglasses because mine mysteriously broke the day before. When asked who did it, they stood side by side and swore nothing. I commended their solidarity. These were Annie’s choice.

All hooked up.

I was telling Ryan when we got home how much she’s changing. At Denny’s she was the bubbly, full of life and chatter Annie. And as she got tired she turned into a calm, all-knowing, quietly arrogant adult-child. She was scratching one of the wires and then I tried to help and she calmly said, “How about we just leave it alone.” I laughed and said, “What?” “How about you and I just leave it alone for now.” I felt like a child. It made me proud and sad all at once. They say once her tonsils out to expect a growth spurt because the growth hormone usually spreads while sleeping and once she gets good sleep, it’ll help her size. I guess I can’t keep her pint-sized forever.

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