12 July 2019

Ruthie has started to like clothes and fashion and combing through store mags that come through the mail and then circling what she likes. The other day she saw a jean jacket and was dead set on it.

So I said we could go thrifting this past Wednesday to find one. We’ve agreed that she will pay half for clothes and all for toys, now that’s she’s earning an allowance. And also, I just can’t stomach shopping unless it’s at garage sales or thrift stores.

First stop was Goodwill and we found this cute one for $2.50. We squealed pretty much the whole way home that she only technically had to pay $1.25 when the one in the magazine was $50. She’s worn it every day since.

Speaking of her allowance, I think we’ve finally found a chore chart that works for both her and Annie. This is our second week and it has been great. $1 a day may seem like a lot (does it? I have no idea) but it’s worth it to have them put away the silverware twice a week. I should probably add in “brush mom’s hair” though.

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