13 June 2019

Photo dump before the real dump: the beach dump.

Annie let Rusty in and wanted a picture before we shooed him out. We love this lazy fat thing. He and Rosie are bringing in about two moles a week which is awesome for our lumpy yard.

Yesterday, the older two and I went to our favorite trail. Socially, Annie is the braver of the two. Physically, Ruthie is. Here’s her progression:

But get her to ask an employee for something or chitchat with new friends at the park and she excels. While Ruthie hides behind her. It’s so interesting, our different strengths.

We found a place with millions of tadpoles and tiny frogs.

The in-laws came down about a month ago and we had a nice time.

A new face painting kit. Ruthie did Annie’s and I did Ruthie’s. They had also bought new stuffed animals at a garage sale that morning.

Our first trip to the movies as a family to see Aladdin. We were shocked at how into it Gertie was. She did get restless and walked for about a third of it.


Ruthie wanted to figure out who’s parents were who’s and started a family tree completely on her own – I was in the other room and she’d run in asking me names. This made me so happy.

Annie’s Pre-K graduation. She showed off some things she made over the year and then sang some songs outside. She’d told me that one boy Mateo (who we’d been praying for all year because he told her that his dad died in the army) asked her to marry him. She said they couldn’t because they just kids but if they see each other later they should ask “Are you Mateo” or “Are you Annie?” and then they’d get married. He’s the cutie in the baseball uniform.



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