20 may 2019

The girls had an impromptu recital for us waiting room moms today. They just learned it 20 minutes prior, so not bad considering!  Edited to add: Annie told me they had just learned it, but Ruth says they’ve been practicing awhile. Oh Annie! 🙂

15 May 2019

Beautiful day, we hit up 2 parks during Gertie’s therapy and then spent the afternoon in the backyard, followed by Ruthie and me giving each other makeovers. Ended the night watching survivor with two new fans.

This is my favorite time of year where i pledge to hang sheets after every washing and then only end up doing it once. But for real, this summer it’s on.

13 may 2019

Mothers Day 2019 – it was a great weekend. Started off with Ryan taking the girls on Saturday allowing me to take a nap during the afternoon and then waking up to donuts and a new toilet seat, along with bedazzled sunglasses that I’m “not allowed to return”.

We went to church and afterwards had lunch where Annie sat perched on the back of the booth and pretended to be a statue.
Didn’t break for 15 minutes.
And because no one takes a pic of me, i had to do a selfie. I really was there through it all!

2 May 2019

Ruth’s last day of school and for the second year in a row their field day/picnic has been canceled so Ryan took her out to eat.

I don’t know how she gets out almost a month early while only attending two days a week, but we’re not complaining – no fights about combing her hair for three whole months! It can turn into a huge rat’s nest for all I care.

Tornado Warning. Ruth grabbed all the junk she could find along with games and set up a lair for us.

Gertie’s therapists are convinced she’ll be taking her first steps soon and are taking lots of videos just in case. She pulls up all the time now to see what we’re doing.

Her grandma and papa got her an early bday gift and she loves it. Or WILL love it.

And a sweet text from her therapist. She is so loved by them.