25 April 2019

Oh Ryan. He’s finally 38. Unfortunately his birthday fell during three of the hard work/personal weeks he’s had in awhile. Not to mention being bone tired from dealing with all the estrogen in the house.

We originally were going to meet for lunch during Gertie’s therapy, but he just couldn’t get away, so I picked up some fast food and we sat in the car for a few minutes to eat it. I spent that time talking about a child abuse-turn-murder news story I’d just read, sobbing about all the poor little children that just want to be loved and that we need to adopt them all. Before he hopped out, he said, “Well this has been a lovely birthday meal.” 😆

I picked up the girls from school and as soon as we walked through the door, Ruthie started to help me decorate while Annie cleaned the toy room, Gertie finished her snack and I cleaned the kitchen. It really felt like I had teammates and They were so proud of the decor.

There was NO question what they wanted to get him. Candles.

Ruth made a list of the activities this evening:

Ryan told her that this was the best birthday… she’s ever had.

We all do love our Ryan and take turns looking out the window hoping to see his car pull up every night. Thankful to see another year with him.

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