15 nov 2018

I snuck out last night to get some things for a mini kitchen makeover and popped into Barnes and Noble to walk around. The words “Green Gables” caught my eye and saw this prequel to my beloved Anne. I about fainted.

Marilla could very well be my favorite character. And to already know the ending, that she never married and lived out her years with just her brother on the farm? My heart already hurts.

I debated about buying it as a Christmas present to myself, but ended up swinging by the library and getting on the waiting list which was good because that money was instead spent on this sweet vintage tea kettle.

I’m trying really hard to not buy things just to fill a space. But no microwave and no kettle means we boil up water daily in a saucepan for our tea (What have we become? Coffee is barely used anymore.) The sauce pan is fine, but this. Just in time for the holidays and gives me the feels.

I was walking around Hobby Lobby still telling myself to not buy just to buy, and must have been staring at one particular shelf for a long time. An older employee next to me said, “Ma’am? Can I help you find something?” I said “no thanks” and went back to staring. And then he added, “Sometimes it’s just nice to have a few moments of quiet and peace, huh.” I laughed so loudly and said, Is it written all over my face?? He smiled, “I’ve been there before. Enjoy these few minutes alone.” There have been several times someone has commented on me just wandering the aisles at a store. It’s like we’re all on the same team, raising these kids.

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