9 nov 2018

They only sleep in on days they can’t. So as I put on a robe, made some tea, and plopped myself onto the chair to bask in the extra 15 (maybe 30 if there’s a miracle?) minutes, I heard the door open and close and knew it was Annie. She wanted to immediately play a game with me, so I somehow convinced her to do all the work, which included performing various ballet moves, while I continued to sit in the chair. This was enough for her, thankfully. Ryan said the other day that when you hear the phrase “they’re full of life”, you don’t really see many people embody that…until you meet Annie. The tricky part we’re trying to figure out now is how to make her obey without breaking her spirit.

Gertie’s dear Sherrie worked her last day at our clinic yesterday. She was one of her first physical therapists and saw the ups and downs with both of us. I had a couple crying spells in front of this poor woman, who not once batted an eye. Ryan picked Gertie up one day and she and him were talking about a maneuver or a piece of equipment or something and he said, I’m glad you’re thinking a few steps ahead for her and she replied, “oh I’m always thinking about Gertie.” Almost three years with that mindset on Gertie can only have been a blessing.

And then part of Ruth’s homework, what she’d like to know about Abe Lincoln. Death and Fashion, you go girl.

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