8 oct 2018

The weeks are just clipping along. Every day this week are maxed out and so it’s a good reminder to myself to lean into the chaos and not take it out on everyone around me. Over the weekend my sweet friend helped put on a festival in Siloam and we took the family there, which was so nice. This time we showed Annie where she was born, a little townhouse at the end unit of 4. We told her about the neighbors we had: 2 other stay at home moms with their one year olds and looking back, it was exactly what I needed at that time as a new parent.

Annie did the appropriate ooohing and aaaahing and we headed to the festival running into several people we hadn’t seen in years. Even managed to squeeze in a pumpkin patch shot…. of sorts.

(Gertie had spilt water right before.)
We ate lunch and Gertie sat at the table like a big girl.

And Gertie later thinking her daddy is so funny.


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