26 sept 2018

I attended my second beekeeping class last night and am properly overwhelmed. It’s basically just a bunch of (self-proclaimed) good ole country boys talking shop, but occasionally they’ll dumb it down for me to understand. Until then, my notebook is filling up with pages full of words and processes and science that confuses me, but I’m hoping that by the time I’m actively involved some of these pages will come back to help.


I did learn a new nugget of info that makes me fall in love with bees all over again. If I’ve been around you for any amount of time, I’ve already shown you the “bee dance” on youtube. Basically the foragers go out looking for nectar and pollen, then fly back to tell the others where it is. To do this, they do a figure 8 and the direction of the dance along with the number of times they shake their butt tells the others what angle from the sun along with how many miles in that direction to go.


However, last night I learned that the foragers, when they come back loaded down with nectar, don’t even enter the hive. They transfer the nectar to the house bees in front of the entrance. And in that transfer, an enzyme is passed which starts the process of the nectar turning into honey. That nectar is continually transferred up through the hive between hundreds of house bees, along with enzymes with each transfer, until it transforms into honey and placed into the honey comb.

Also, they never sleep.

My pinterest boards are getting flooded with meadow ideas. It’s terrifying and exciting all at once. Someone hold my hand, please.

Anyway, Ruthie got mermaid flippers for her birthday and thankfully Gertie’s water therapy gives her a chance to use them all year.



Dentist today and Annie was terrified she’d fall off the table.
No cavities (yet) and lollipops on the way home. On the Oldies station, “Lollipop Lollipop” came on and we thought it was the best thing ever.

Ryan does the bible homework and they’re working through Exodus right now. (I honestly would never have the patience to read and go over all this, so am thankful he’s excited to do it.)
Fall is officially here today with cooler temps and we’re jazzed.

One comment on “26 sept 2018

  1. Mandy Bray says:

    So cool! I had no idea they did a bee dance!

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