6 july 2018

I can only handle a phew* photos at a time. (*I am not joking. I meant to write ‘few’. Freudian slip, and if it were 10 years ago, Ryan and I would have debated into the early morning whether or not freudian slips could only have a sexual implication. I am here to proudly say he was defeated in that theory.)

Anyway, on the way out Amy was crazy germ lady so I went along with it for the photos and attention from strangers, but then I started having crazy germ lady thoughts and realized that she actually infected me. The irony.

While waiting to board, the sunlight glared off of someone’s gold earphones and realized it was Mac Lethal, our beloved hometown rapper. Look him up on youtube. He fast.


I’m sure I made him feel good though:

“Hey!!!! Are you the KC rapper?” 


“What’s your name again?”

I’d have asked him to perform on the flight but Ryan and I were busy.


We got to Vienna and were one flight away from meeting our Bulgarian family-in-law. So we facetimed and spent 5 minutes just waving.


The world cup was playing during our stop and Ryan jostled for a place to watch it at a central open-air bar/food court thing. There were lots of people from every language watching because, you know, futbol. And when a team scored, the whole place roared. I love being in a crowd for only a few things: sporting events, movie theatres, and dance floors. The last of which I’d have to overcome later in the week.

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