18 june 2018

Little cousin Gunner came over to play. I packed a cooler like we were gonna be out there for several days and forgot what an 11 month old’s time frame was. Or maybe there was just too much estrogen in that pool.

These kittens are gonna get a hard dose of reality once they transition to the garage, but they’re way too small yet.

In the past two nights, we’ve caught a raccoon and possum, so we’re having to lock the adult cats up in the garage after sundown.

On Sunday morning, over donuts, we yelled “Happy Father’s Day!” and he said, “Just trapping coons to take care of muh family.” Ah, my Laura Ingalls Wilder daydream come true.

Ruthie goes to summer school on Wednesdays and last week, Annie insisted on sitting on the front porch with frozen blueberries and her Berenstain Bears book to wait for her. She had about 4 hours to go.


The passive aggressive notifications on my phone have been making me laugh, followed by the obvious.

Went over to AJ’s house to meet up with Mandy, visiting from out of town. Their garage door was open so I just walked in, because I like to force the feeling of being small town neighbors even though I’m aware it’s entirely rude. Everyone was trying to put the kids to bed upstairs and AJ’s oldest saw me, smiled sweetly, then walked upstairs to tell his mom there was a stranger in the living room. Backfire!

After we settled in outside, it went downhill (in a good way). Chilled Rosé on a summer evening is now going to be my go-to.

Why I started twerking with my belly pushed out is beyond me, but at least I had a captive audience. Which by the way, if you’ve never sat on AJ’s back porch with the fan blowing overhead, dang. Even though I ended up leaving at 1:30 (on a weeknight, gasp!) I could’ve easily sat there for another few more hours. It’s like it lulls you into a time warp.

A couple days later, Mandy’s crew came over to hang out with us. The girls made a fort.


We had another little visitor today who dug into our dress up clothes with complete abandon.


Her mama and I talked about lots of stuff including Gertie. She reads this blog and I mentioned that I need to start changing the narrative about me and G. It has been a great month, and it mostly has to do with me accepting where she and I are at. Finding small (sometimes microscopic) victories and celebrating them loudly. I sometimes feel silly getting crazy excited that she says the h sound when playing my hair. Or like today, I was reclining on the couch and she was standing up on my legs holding unto my fingers. She moved her leg off mine and off the couch and I said, “Oh no Gertie, watch out!” So she did it again. And again. And I laughed because she’s ornery. Those are such tiny moments of connection that I have to be intentional about magnifying. Also, she laughs hysterically whenever Annie snores. Sharing a room has its benefits.

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