3 June 2018

Saturday was all about the horses. Ruthie asked if we could set aside money each month to save up for one.

To be honest, this isn’t how I picture myself when I get into a carriage: sweaty, hot, and that familiar wide flat butt in everyone’s faces. I’m not sure which side it comes from, but as I like to say, I descend from a long line of farmers’ wives. That girth would be an asset in the 1880s, so move over you dainty little things! (Or more likely, let me bump you over.)

I pretend the stagecoach ride was for them, but you know it was for me too.

Our downtown had pony rides too. All of this was free!

Today we left church thinking we’d eat at Crystal Bridges. Walked the mile trail to the front doors in the most beautiful weather. It almost reminded me of fall. But it for sure reminded me of our wedding day 12 years ago. The weather was perfect, like today.

They each wanted pictures with the bride and groom.

The restaurant has a special on Sundays that require reservations which we didn’t have, so we walked back to the the little downtown Walmart and got some food to go. Ruthie said, “We thought we were going to Crystal Bridges, but we ended up at Walmart!”

That pretty much sums up our life, Ruthie dear.

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