29 may 2018

So is he gonna be our Uncle Scott, the girls asked? I was so excited to share with them that their Aunt Amy was getting engaged. We all got to be part of the surprise at a private screening where she thought she was going to see a documentary, but really Scott had fake tickets, emails, and previews created to fool her. And then he made her a sweet video documenting their time together before bringing her down in front.

It was so special. Ryan didn’t blink when I told him it was on a Thursday night, he told me to go and to take my time driving home the next day. That’s special to me too. He’s a superhero dad, taking them to Gertie’s eye appointment and swim therapy the next day. Thank you Ryan. I had so much fun.

I met my parents at their home and was quickly whisked into their car to pick up my Aunt Mary. We were about an hour early, but they were nervous they’d mess up the surprise. We were instructed to spread out around the theatre and to NOT TURN AROUND. I told Dad he needed a ball cap because his head is recognizable, but he declined. Later, Amy said she saw his head, thought it was him, but then didn’t think my mom’s hair looked like her so dismissed it.

Aunt Sue got the memo and covered up her distinctive cut and color. I think she should keep on wearing scarves, we all thought she looked so cute.


We went to a nearby bar afterwards to eat and celebrate. Amy, in her thank you speech to everyone, used the word “merge” and I cackled because that goes back to when she’d visit me in college, fresh from her important corporate job, and tried to get my friends to discuss recent company mergers. Here we are, 20 years later, and she’s still forcing it on us.

So happy for you guys!!

Dropped off my Aunt Mary, we all popped in for a glass of whiskey with her and Uncle Donald, slept hard, went out to eat for breakfast with my parents and then drove home. I honestly needed those 24 hours.

Ruthie drew a picture of the bride and groom and we all ooohed and aahhhhed.


And then turned it over. Sigh.

Memorial Weekend was laid back. Finding box turtles and playing non stop on their inflatable slide. Our yard looks like a circus came through now, but you know, do what you gotta do. Gertie loves watching her sisters tumble down and the water doesn’t fill up too fast so that means I don’t have to be on high alert with G. Because of that, I sat in a chair next to it and blew through two books in two days. It feels amazing to get back into reading, but now I need to set boundaries because I could escape into it too easily.



2 comments on “29 may 2018

  1. Unc Jimmy says:

    WOW … love following the girls on this!! Ruthie is quite the “artist”, remember Picasso was rarely understood in the beginning … or should I say, in the “end”!! šŸ˜‰

  2. Mandy says:

    haha! Cracks me up how kids are so fascinated with pee and poop! Love the inflatable and that you were able to get back into reading.

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