17 may 2018

This week has flown by. Ruthie and I went to an estate sale and she found a $2 Hello Kitty skateboard. If she could teach herself how to do this like how she did bike riding, my life will be a breeze. Her goal is to get good enough to go to a skate park with ramps.


Yesterday we went to a strawberry patch and absolutely gorged ourselves while picking.

I found my future job as a strawberry picker. They lay on their bellies looking through one of those massage pillows while a tractor pulls them along.


And today Annie told me she told her preschool teacher that I look like a big kid. There was a 50/50 split going into a description of her mom, so was surprised I landed on the younger side. I’ll take it, Annie Banany!

Also, Gertie officially climbed out of her crib and I’m taking that as a win. Way to push through the milestones!

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