15 may 2018

We went camping this weekend. You should’ve seen my pinterest board full of hacks. But with us being sick and Ryan working 70 hours plus, we had zero time or energy to worry about any of it. This campground is just a few minutes away, so we just kind of said, “meh” and tried to wing it.  Gertie caught our bug and she and I stayed back Friday night. I got a text at 9 that Annie was high on life, saying “Look at our home sweet home” in a sing-song voice and by 9:15 was curled up next to Ryan crying how scared she was.

By the time we arrived the next morning, they were completely filthy, happy, and full of Cocoa Puffs.

Next to us was the cutest family with two girls Ruth and Ann’s ages. They had a little pop up camper and their mom gave me a tour, so now I’m slowly saving my pennies to get one too.

At one point, the two oldests brought out their journals to show each other. And then they all found a big log and made a makeshift seesaw.


We had no idea where the showering station was, so just threw them in the lake. Meh!

Gertie and I went back home Saturday night again, but we’re excited to try it for real next time.

Today, Ruth and I picked up some books at the library and went for a walk. She wanted to carry a longer chapter book. Halfway through our walk, we found a bench and I read several of those chapters.


Sitting in the woods, with my girl, reading a spinoff to Rapunzel. Yes.

One comment on “15 may 2018

  1. Mandy says:

    I want a pop up camper too!!!

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