7 may 2018

Just some snippits from Kate and Ryan visiting us. I had a really good time with them. Missed that feeling of someone knowing you “before” and still accepting you as you are now. They helped us man our Scavenger Hunt and after everyone left, we sat in this corner here talking a bit.


Ryan announcing the winner.

And as I sank into my chair exhausted from pretending I’m an extrovert, we said Okay just one more. And we scooted the table a little down to see the dance floor.

And then we said Okay, just one more and then stood at the edge of the dance floor. And then we said Okay, just one more and we all belted along with the karaoke singers.
The Okay just one more’s slow rolled until we ended up eating at Waffle House and getting home at 3am. I can’t even tell you the last time we stayed out so late. It was extremely, extremely needed.

But the little bits before our night out were just what I’d expect from a visit from them too.

Like Ryan blending in with the tablecloth.
They arrived Friday morning, Ryan squared went golfing, and Kate and I had our usual talks ranging from funny to serious to me crying when she played a song on Pandora, to us regurgitating the same. ancient. stories. like we’re 75 years old.

Also this, Kate needing a defense weapon against sweet little Fluffy. She’s legitimately scared of birds.

Thank you Kate. You made me feel young again. Young, but without the stress of wondering if I my check would bounce the next day.
Love ya guys – thanks for coming down. I know your drive home must’ve been awful. We’re not that young.

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