19 apr 2018

About a month ago we boxed up like 95% of their toys to see if they’d ask for them. They haven’t. Annie the other day asked if she could take my blush brush and deodorant in the other room. I was like, okay. After a few minutes I went in and saw my deodorant saving the blush brush from some sort of catastrophe. I guess dolls are needed around here either. 😂But nice weather keeps everyone happy and busy too. This photo made me laugh. 👇Ruthie was mad at me bc while climbing the tree she threw her head back to whine about what I was making for dinner and bonked it on the trunk. And because I didn’t run to her side immediately, she decided to not talk to me, instead running around hiding from me. Do you see her?At least an hour was spent making birthday cakes with stick candles. A girl at preschool told Annie today that she hated her. Annie said, “It broke my heart. But then I got brave and put my heart back together.” Something else Annie said the other day. She and Ruth were arguing in the car over whether there were lions near our town: Annie yes, Ruthie no. After a few more minutes of a gridlock debate, Annie asked me smugly, “Mom? Take us to the nearest lion’s den. I’m going to throw Ruthie in it.”

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