8 apr 2018

Their aunt gave them an awesome pop up book of Alice in Wonderland and they beg Ryan to include it in their reading rounds each night. But he spaces it out to keep them eager. I tell them all the time how lucky they are that Ryan does character voices!

Yesterday Ruthie and I went to a birthday party. While we were there, Ryan and the other two did errands and went out to eat. A lady made a comment to him about the three of them. I don’t know if it’s just seeing a dad wrangling all the kids solo, but Ryan gets compliments every time. It’s like moths to a flame: “You’re so patient, you’re such a good dad, Etc etc.” Every once in a while I’ll catch a sub-compliment if I’m with them, but i know he’s what first catches their eye. I love it. You never really know what type of parent you married (or for that matter what type you are) but I think I won the jackpot.

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