1 Apr 2018

Happy Easter! We hid eggs in the girls’ beds and so when Ruthie woke up to use the bathroom, she found hers and ran into our room to wake us up. She skipped in to the living room and chattered about everything in her basket (yes, Disney bandaids were a hot commodity.) All that caused Gertie to wake up and Ryan carried her in shaking her own egg. Someone had to eventually wake Annie up.

Last year I started giving them each a little bunny.

But Ruthie was the first to eye a hidden egg. Ryan made me laugh with the spots he chose. He said he got six eggs in this one plant.

And then this.

But what’s funny is that all of these were the last to be found. We did hide one up high in honor of my dad who, when Ruthie was 1, hid an egg up on the mantel. You know, for her to find.

We went out for brunch after church, and it was the weirdest thing. Ryan was telling stories about his turtle race at school while the rest of us were snickering and piping in with comments and questions. I can’t explain it, but it felt like what it’d be in 20 years. All of us laughing at dear old dad. It was good.

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