31 mar 2018

There were a million Easter activities going on around town, but I felt a need to instead spend time together in our backyard, working on projects and pretending to eat all the soups and mud pies being made for us.

I’m starting to feel a certain special time in the girls’ life start to slip away. The sweet spot where all you need is your backyard and some water and dirt. I want them to look back and see their home as the centerpiece in their memories.

So, I’ve deleted all my real estate apps, all of my “just keeping an eye out” saved homes for sale. Anything that could distract me from appreciating what I have. This, for me, is a big deal. I’m starting to really focus on making our little ranch house our forever home. And that has brought me peace. It’s easy to love our house and yard in the spring though. And when that old crab apple tree comes into its full pink glory, I will find every excuse to be near it.

Today, after everyone went in to watch an afternoon movie, I sat outside with my book for next week’s Book Club, and soaked up the contentedness.

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