31 mar 2018 (part 2)

We made Resurrection Rolls again this year. Ruthie remembered it and said, “Is this when Jesus melts?”

But I do love hearing the story while we made them. How Joseph and Nicodemus covered Jesus’ dead body in oil and spices, usually reserved for kings. So we rolled the marshmallow in butter, then in sugar and cinnamon. How the tomb opened and He wasn’t there. And after baking the rolls, the marshmallow disappears.

But my favorite part of the story, mostly because it’s so human and endearing, is when Mary turned and saw Jesus. She didn’t recognize him and asked him if he was the gardener. (Thank you for this, Mary. Truly. This is all of us.) But then how Jesus asked her, “Who are you looking for?” which makes me smile because I can feel his excitement as it finally dawns on her face after he says, “Mary…”.

So we ate the rolls, took some cough medicine, fought off questions about who the Easter bunny is and are now watching the Final Four. It’s been a good day. And in the words of Annie who said our dinner prayer the other night, “Thank you Jesus for dying so we can go to heaven.” It’s as simple as that.

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