28 mar 2018

I almost just wrote the year as 2006. I wonder what I was up to on March 28th of that year. Let’s see, I was 25 and a few months from marrying Ryan. Yeah, I got nothin’. Maybe I was stress eating.

Here’s a highlight from last week. When, during a March madness party, my mom almost got the kids to fall for the oldest trick in the book: everyone lay down and close your eyes and whoever lifts their head first loses. We actually thought it was gonna work. So maybe we’re the suckers.

But we also managed to spend time outside, bringing out every plastic object available to play with (Christmas Jesus, Mary, and Joseph didn’t make an appearance this time). This, all while their neighbors were showing their house for sale. We were sure we’d just brought the street market down a few hundred grand when, the next day, they changed the sign to Sale Pending. Maybe seeing kids sled down a hill on boogie boards is in fact a selling point?

And Gertie discovering the sunlight in the hallway.

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