24 mar 2018

Do you have a friend that’s absolutely down for anything? Not embarrassed or too cool? For me, that’s Jessica. She’s my go-to girl for making crazy day dreams an enthusiastic reality. She reminded me that in Kansas City, a group of friends and I started a “Try It” club where we each picked a new activity to try every month. I’d forgotten about that, but I do remember taking a tap dance class with her and the teacher asking us to stay afterwards to learn more advanced moves. We felt like we’d hit Broadway with those extra 15 minutes a week.

So while visiting my parents, we popped over to Topeka to visit her family and I spent the majority of that time gushing over her and us and memories. My mom couldn’t remember how we’d met, and I reminded her that she was originally Ryan’s friend. Roommates with his closest friends, actually. The first night we met, all of us dancing in Aggieville, turned into an early morning slumber party where just she and I left to eat breakfast together.

I always joke about how I have to sink claws into girls for them to be my friends. But she’s the type that turns around before you need to do that, with arms outstretched. ❤️

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