13 mar 2018

So since I teach English to kids in China, I get a discount with their sister company Lingo Bus, where they teach Chinese to American kids. We did one trial class last fall and Ruthie sounded like a sweet little mouse, so shy.

She was still nervous for this second go around, but we reviewed more ahead of time and she was much more confident.

Yes, that’s all my junk for teaching classes, including my bright red lipstick smack dab next to the computer. 😂

But Ruthie! She did so good.

The teacher, who was freaking fantastic and made me step up my game the next morning for my own classes, had this to say about her:

“Ruthie was so amazing. She could say all the new words and sentences with me, like “jia””ai””wo ai wo jia”, and then she could say all of them correctly by herself. She’s truly the best demo students of what I’ve taught at this age. Very good girl, super cute and cooperative, well done! Hope she could join Lingo Bus and learn with me very soon!”

What’s funny is I’m sure that was a copy/paste generic feedback and he just changed the name, but am hoping it wasn’t. I’m also sure he was hoping we’d be a No Show because I hope that every morning with mine too.

Little does he know that we just bought a bundle package of classes and will be showing up EVERY time.

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