12 mar 2018

It’s hard to intentionally come here and write. I have a lot of feelings in my head and I just can’t sit still long enough and spill them out. That will be my goal this week.

As we were driving to swim therapy on Friday, Ruthie rolled down the window at a stoplight and we stared at the birds in a field. A bright yellow one caught our eye and I said we need to find out what kind that was. We didn’t think of it again until this morning and my mom will be proud that we didn’t google it. We used some books from our library and after a big debate, decided it was a Warbler. We all hoped it was a Chickadee because we love the name. They looked through these books for a good hour during and after breakfast. A nice way to ease into Daylight Savings. It’s been a very relaxing day for us.

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