3 mar 2018

One of my favorite Saturday mornings yet this year. Crisp and sunny. We made it to a breakfast joint by 7:30am, got home by 8:30. I cleaned the van and the outdoor toy storage while Ryan tackled boxes of stuff to purge. Ruthie roller skated (she’s SO fast) and Annie rode her big girl bike that she’s avoided riding for six months. She’s not scared anymore. Gertie walked around and around in circles. All by 11am. We ate lunch and immediately went back outside under the peach tree where a little speck of pink, Ruthie, picked the first spring flowers until she filled up a glass jar. That took an hour. Rusty that cat follows us everywhere. Ryan and Annie played both regular and Chinese checkers and Gertie rolled around in leaves. A well deserved nap or movie is currently in play. I wish we had this weather every day, but then I guess we wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

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