19 jan 2018

I’m sitting in a parking lot at 8pm uploading this post, taking my time getting home. I told Ryan that not having one uninterrupted thought during the day feels on par to those first few months with a newborn, waking up every hour to feed, where you think you really might be going crazy. I actually begged the girls to let me drive in silence on the way home from swim therapy today, but it goes against every cell in their bodies to not ask a billion questions. It’s why we love them though too. So he shoo-shooed me to the store.

We didn’t need anything. ☺️

I was walking down an aisle without a cart and a little girl ran smack into my side. Her mom was behind her gently hollering. You know the gentle holler, where your voice sounds nice but you’re actually one second away from getting DHS called on you? She was yelling, “Watch where you’re going you just ran into this lady!!” And I blubbered all over myself saying how I hardly noticed and I have little ones, etc. I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed. So then she yelled, “Watch where you’re going, you’re interrupting this lady’s quiet time!!” And we both laughed. I wanted to side hug this comrade so hard.

I did lunch and recess duty at Ruthie’s school yesterday and it was so fun to see her in her element.

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