Don’t Touch Me!

Did I mention that Annie is in love with Ruthie? Most times Ruth will sit in her playroom and read to herself, like this:
But sometimes, without me coaxing, Ruth will sit next to her and read books. Annie smiles so much to have her near. I love it.


I taped a little of her reading to Ann. Watch Annie’s hand every once in awhile. Tee hee. Ignore my voice.

In other news, Ruthie nurses her baby dolls.


And Annie is still staying sweet.


Annie had the sniffles last night and we spent the night on the couch together. She hasn’t slept on my chest since she was a few weeks old and I loved having her so near.

Some conversations with Ruthie:

Me: Ruth, your baby doll fell down! (The doll was face down in the middle of the room)

Ruth: Uh oh….

Me: Waah Waah, I hear her crying! You should pick her up!

Ruth: (With a wave of her hand) Eh. She’s okay.

Me: Waah Waah, She’s still crying!

Ruth: Mom. She’s okay.

Apparently she’s learned that loving reaction from me?


Ruth: Where did Daddy goes? (She uses goes instead of go. I’ll be sad when she says it correctly)

Me: He’s workin’.

Ruth: Daddy’s workin’ hard.

Me: Does Mommy work?

Ruth: No.

Me: I just made us breakfast, is that workin’?

Ruth: No.



We had a playdate yesterday and for the past few weeks, we’ve been casually prepping her for it (and really for any interaction with friends.) She’ll randomly yell, MINE! when holding a toy, even if no ones around. So we repeat over and over, “Don’t say mine, Ruthie. That means you won’t share! Sharing is nice, sharing makes people happy!” Over and over whenever she yells No or Mine we repeat it.

After the playdate, I tucked Ruthie into bed for her nap and told her how proud I was of her sharing her toys with her friends. As I was leaving the room, she whispered, “I didn’t say No. I didn’t say Mine.”

So I had to run back and give her a thousand more kisses. She is becoming more and more loving each day.

I hope it sticks.

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