This makes me happy.

We got back on another tour d’Annie and are exhausted. But we saw family and friends and family that are like friends and friends that are like family so it’s all good.

But before we jump into that excursion, here are some snippits that I enjoy.

1. Tap Dancing with Ruth.

DSC_7968I found those sweet tap shoes at the Goodwill for $1.50. Yes, please! She slipped at one point and I never thought I’d get her into tap shoes again. But after a few more attempts on the “swippry” floor, we’re back in business. I think we’ll put her in a class next year. She’ll probably tell the teacher how to really tap. B to the Ossy. I have NO idea where she gets that from.
2. Finding a horseshoe in our backyard.
DSC_8099Do you see it? It now hangs in our living room. I like to think that a family in a covered wagon heading up to Kansas City to catch the Oregon trail threw it into the bushes and it happened to land perfectly in the good luck position. Thank you Sarah or Laura or Jane, whomever threw it.

I guess I better check and see it’s covered in cholera. You know, because that’s how cholera is spread… via rust on a horseshoe. You’re welcome.

3. Feetsies in the air.
DSC_8192That’s it.

4. Somersaults
DSC_8209Only because I can’t do one anymore to save my life. I guess I could if it were to literally save my life. But I’d probably die from doing it, so what would be the point? At least on my obituary it would say I never gave up. Not even when asked to throw my legs over my head for no good reason.

5. Nose pickin’ and hanging with the sister
DSC_8206These two scare me together, but they do make me happy. It’s a happy scared. Or I’m scared happy.

I need sleep. Good bye.

3 comments on “This makes me happy.

  1. alarie8 says:

    Seeing as how I have to A) remember my password when I want to check your blog (which never happens so I end up having to do the whole ‘send me an email so I can reset it’ thing) and 2) remember in my baby feeding induced sleep fog that you have a hilarious blog I so enjoy reading…I don’t come around much but I when I do I love every second…or hour if I fall asleep during said baby feeding…no offense to your brilliance what so ever. Xoxo

  2. rawolfe says:

    “Not even when asked to throw my legs over my head for no good reason.”

    Words cannot describe the juvenile reaction I had when I read this sentence.

  3. rawolfe says:

    Stan says Ryan is a lucky man. 🙂

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