Happy Sad Happy Sad Happy Sad Happy, I’m exhausted.

It started with bananas in her yogurt. The world apparently ended.

Then she threw a toy at me. I told her I was sad and that I’m frowning.

What do you say when you make someone sad,” I asked.


Thank you,” she said.

Later I put on an apron. She looked at me sweetly and said that my dress was pretty.

We rocked the music box. Happy.

Uh, oh. Sad/Mad again, and I have no idea why. I’m scared.DSC_7944
Ryan came home and saved the day. He asked Ruth to help him clean the kitchen. Happy. (Let’s hope that continues through her teenage years).DSC_7948DSC_7950

That map is hung up now by the way.

After a few books that evening, Ryan took Ruthie into her bedroom to go to sleep. I ran into the room and gave her one last kiss as they made up her bed. We looked at each other as I slowly closed the door to walk down the hall. And then I heard, “Mommy. Mommy! Hold you? Hold you?” Out she came running down the hall arms outstretched. She even asked for me to brush her teeth which is normally a daddy/ruthie gig. Before I tucked her in I said a prayer for her. About my love for her, thanking God for her, for patience for one another, to treat each other with love.

Another day, another mood. Or actually the same moods, over and over.

Lazy morning = Happy.

DSC_7985 That mood continued as she played mother Mary with a blanket.DSC_7988 I see she’s following in her cousin’s footsteps in the nativity play. Elayna was a natural Mary.DSC_7990 All she needs is a donkey. And a baby Jesus.DSC_7991 Speaking of babies. And speaking of being happy.


Happy so. much. of. the. time. I jumped in the shower during a nap and came out to find this pair look at me.

DSC_8085 She kills me. Over and over again. DSC_8083DSC_8091 Whenever I nurse her, it takes about 10 seconds before she pulls away, looks up and smiles. Big smiles. DSC_8088That wasn’t a smile, but it was in between grins. The girl has to take a break occasionally, okay? Love her.

But Ruthie man. We’re knee-deep in the throes of it. Especially when Ryan is there. Also, especially when Ryan’s there holding Annie.

So sad.

DSC_8065 Maybe she’s upset with the hole in her shorts. Nope, it’s Daddy holding Annie.DSC_8066DSC_8068DSC_8067 Ryan kept asking her to let Mommy hold her. She would run to me, kiss me, and then yell Daddy’s turn. She yelled at him to put Annie down on her dangly thing on the ground. She rolled around under the dangly thing. She crawled on all fours. She reached out, she clung. It was sad for us all.DSC_8072 But Ryan and I waited out those five minutes (that felt like 5 hours), she calmed down after realizing he was not going to give Annie up, came over to me, and we read some books together.DSC_8078Happy. And sweaty.

I’ve never gone through so many mood swings in my life, except for when I tried that metabolife in college. I don’t think Ruth has been taking metabolife though. We always compliment her thighs.

Whew! I wonder what tomorrow is going to bring. Our first day back to just mommy, Ruthie, and Annie in over four days. We may need an ice breaker. Maybe we’ll just cry together.

One comment on “Happy Sad Happy Sad Happy Sad Happy, I’m exhausted.

  1. gnuphurd says:

    I wish you could have heard Blanche’s comments as she looked at these pictures. She first looked up and saw Annie and said, “Awweee Baby. Ooohh AWake” Then when seeing Ruthie said, “Aww Ruttie. Hat. Hat.” Me: “You think she’s hot?” Because she was sweaty. No she thought she had on a hat. I told her that was her hair. We can relate to the mood swings over here too.

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