Just some random happenings.

Like how Annie clings to Ryan’s shirt whenever he carries her.
DSC_7849 It’s almost like she can feel Ruthie pulling him away from her. These girls. They love their daddy.

Sometimes they like me too.

DSC_7861_2We have a mow guy come every couple weeks. By the time he arrives, it’s pretty much a jungle. So after he finished mowing, we immediately went out to play. Ruthie loves kicking the soccer ball around (she’s a leftie when it comes to her feet), so what better thing to do?
DSC_7887Especially since she’s dressed like a coach. But she was afraid to walk across the lawn to the gate for some reason. I eventually had to hold her hand for those few steps.DSC_7890When she finally made, she just stood there staring at the ball.DSC_7891Then eventually decided that playing with leftover clumps of grass was much more fun. That, and playing Ring Around the Rosie with the birdhouse pole.DSC_7893Also, chase was much more entertaining. I get you!, she yells. But really she means you get her. DSC_7897Poor ball. But now she wants to back up to this bush and let it’s leaves tickle her.DSC_7894Annie was nonplussed about it all, which was just fine by me.DSC_7899Then we went exploring to the side yard. DSC_7900She love pinecones. And ants. And mushrooms. Eeek!

While we were in our own little world, I caught the sight of a figure rushing at me from the corner of my eye. I turned and a man was running straight for me. I did this deep guttural, gut scream. It was not pretty at all. And then I yelled at Ryan for the next five minutes for doing that.

Yeah! Ryan came home early! Let’s keep exploring! …or try to find a good tree to climb. I had a friend with a huuuuge pine tree in her yard. We would make bread with peanut butter and climb up a few stories (it felt like) to chit chat. Mostly about our next move on Kings Quest, but sometimes about non-geeky things….like the next BabySitters Club book that was coming out. Oh wait, still geeky.  Whatever.

I want Ruth to be a geek! So that means, first up we need to find a tree to climb.

I looked down our side yard and saw one that may fit the bill. Straight ahead, low branches. Yes!
DSC_7907But Ryan pulled on them and they were almost dead and brittle.


But then we went to the front yard and found one with pretty good bones. This is serious business, people, finding a tree.

Ryan tested it out.DSC_7902
Yeah, maybe this will do. Ruthie was concerned, we thought. DSC_7904 So Ryan jumped down.

But really she just wanted in on the action.DSC_7906Yay, Ruth likes it! Now let’s talk Pippy Longstocking and Chronicles of Narnia. This will be the place of such conversations indeed.

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