Lake and Relatives

Since moving in, we’ve been busy unpacking and visiting with relatives.

My sister rented a lake house and asked if we would like to stay the night. I assured her that it was in her best interest if we did not. Especially when she led up to that question like this: I’m just so excited to be a hermit, read a book and drink a glass of wine. Just to relax, you know? So could you and your toddler and your newborn stay the night?

Um, no. I probably wouldn’t have if she’d asked it this way either: I’m just so excited to witness the crazy highs and lows of a 2 year old, have my sip of wine buzz-killed by a screeching baby, and watch my sister whip out her boob every couple hours to nurse.

No. We’ll just visit for a day and go back home, but thank you.

That morning came and Ryan ran off to do an errand that I’m so excited to share. When he got home, we packed a lunch and dinner, some extra clothes, and headed to the lake. Even though we’re 45 min closer to the lake than we used to be, it still took us an hour to get there. This place was secluded.

Ruthie was concerned about Annie on the drive through the woods and reassured her many a time.
DSC_7911Or maybe she was trying to reassure herself, because as we drove down the private drive to this cabin, she asked multiple times where the wolf was.DSC_7912Maybe I shouldn’t have read Little Red Riding Hood the day before.

But finally we saw the cabin.

DSC_7914It was so cute! Sitting on 150+ acres with it’s own cove? Yes, please.DSC_7915My brother and his wife did stay with Amy for a weekend, though.

DSC_7916Matt really took in the views. Or maybe the tv, it was hard to tell.

Almost immediately after arriving, Ruthie asked to put on her raincoat, which means she wants her swimming suit. Don’t ask me, I don’t know why.

DSC_7927We threw on a life jacket and headed to the homeowner’s boat for a quick jaunt in the cove.DSC_7922I mean, seriously.

Gorgeous.DSC_7931By the end of the day, Ruthie was nicknamed Huckleberry Finn because of her barefoot, crazy haired, dirty face ways. Or am I thinking of Tom Sawyer? Either way, she was loving all the snack food, the woodsy trails, and the not taking a nap part.

companyThanks Amy! It was fun.

We also had a special visitor come down to see the new house and baby. Ryan’s grandma! She’s 92 and hurt her ankle the day before coming down, but didn’t tell anyone at the nursing home because she didn’t want to miss the trip. Oh Vivian.

She probably thought she was still in the nursing home after seeing my décor.

We ran out the door when we saw them pull up.
DSC_7864Ruthie first had hugs for her Dad-Dad. Annie was full of energy too.DSC_7865And then she became acquainted with her Maw-maw again.DSC_7866The first place Ruthie took her was to her toy room. Her first words? Well Ruthie just doesn’t have anything to play with. 🙂 So Vivian then asked Ruthie to play the piano. Ruth pressed one key and then started laughing uncontrollably in the way kids do when they’re embarrassed. DSC_7867So maw-maw took over and played us a diddy.DSC_7869As they took her to see the backyard, I noticed some tracks left behind as if to say, I was here y’all!DSC_7875If I could’ve, I would’ve preserved them in the carpet like how they’ve done to the Oregon trail ruts. Speaking of which, I have so many travelling plans for our family. One is to visit some of those ruts where you also ride in a covered wagon, camp out, tell stories around the fire, and come back the next day. I even wanted to do pre-kids, but maybe we’ll get less weird looks if we have a couple rugrats tagging along. Love things like that. And by golly I’m gonna force my girls to love it too.

As soon as they arrived at the house, we hit the floor running rolling. So it wasn’t until we were in the backyard that I got my neck hugged by this funny lady.

DSC_7871And then came the family shots:

DSC_7870For goodness sakes, someone get that girl a haircut. There, I said it mom. She’s to the point that she starts to pull it down in front of her eyes, not away. That can’t be good.

Here’s four generations of Colliers.
DSC_7874Sorry Annie. You were there in spirit. You’re now officially a member of the Youngest Child Club.

We went back in to eat lunch. I came out from the back room and spotted this duo hanging out together. DSC_7876The last time Ruthie saw Maw-maw, she was a little nervous around her.

I was glad to see that that feeling passed and she was able to break some bread with her.DSC_7878Aren’t those girls two peas in a pod.

Afterwards we went into the living room and chit-chatted. And to look at new babies.

DSC_7880Vivian’s brother and sister-in-law came over to visit. That brother/sister duo makes my cheeks hurt they’re so funny.DSC_7879Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law came over too. We played soccer in the living room and I made Ryan yell questions into his grandma’s ear for her to answer.DSC_7882Like, how she and her husband met. He was on a date with another girl, saw Vivian, and apparently told his date that he was going to marry her. While Vivian was walking with her sister and told her sister, Do you want to meet your future brother-in-law? Crazy.

After she was done telling stories, I hurried into the other room to write them all down. I can’t help myself. I love family stories.
Ruthie ended the visit by taking a spin in her great-grandma’s wheels. Vivian was tickled by it all.  Every so often I’d catch her laughing at something Ruthie did. It warms my heart to know that Ruthie will know that her great-grandmother adored her as much as Ryan and I do.

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