A Decor Style Epiphany

A friend said that in a year we’re going to look back at the photos of our babes and feel like crying because of how much they’ve grown. I responded that I’m already sad. There are moments throughout the day where my eyes well up because of how everything is changing so quickly. Like, just a few moments ago, when I put Ruthie down for bed. There was just a barely bit of light coming through the window, so she ran to her bookcase and got a couple books to lay down with, which is what she does for her afternoon nap.

And after we said our prayers and I kissed her chubby cheek, and after I tucked her in and slowly closed the door, I heard her little voice “read” her books. Daddy’s a boy. Mommy’s a goorl. Reeethie’s a goorl. 

Life is moving so fast. Even faster now that I’m distracted with a new baby. And Ruthie is breaking my heart with her sweetness. I’m excited to share the future with her, but I’m already sad for that future to come. I’m feeling very blessed to spend my days with her.

So let’s take my mind off the slipping away of time and focus on a place where time stands still. It’s called: my decor style. Apparently only grandma’s like it.

Ryan’s grandma came down last Saturday, so that gave us the push we needed to clear out at least the front rooms. It’s always evolving, so if you were to come over next week, I’m sure it would look different. My dad would say he’d wake up in the morning while it was still dark and immediately run into a piece of furniture that had been moved during the wee hours of the morning by my mom. It must be our therapy.

Fair warning, throw me a bone. I’m happy there are pathways not lined with boxes.

Here is the front room. I have no idea what to do with it. We’ve been looking at free pianos on craigslist and I picture ryan and me doing puzzles and card games at that table every night…. or bills. Whatever.
DSC_7852The guitar is near the front door so that someone who actually knows how to play it will pick it up and have a jam session with me. With me and my air guitar. Somehow I think that with two kids under my belt I’ll have even more time to take music lessons. Piano and Guitar are on the bucket list.

I actually had already taken piano lessons in grade school. But it went south when I decided to tell my male, mid-40s piano teacher about a giraffe trying to seduce his long-necked lover at the LA Zoo. I went on to describe every part of his anatomy which included holding my hands really far apart and maybe dropping the line, “And it dragged on the ground!!!

I don’t think he felt comfortable teaching me after that.

So anyway, yeah, the piano lessons. I wanna get on that.

Wait. That sounded wrong. Dangit!!! What’s with me and piano lessons??

Okay, so if you run over to pick up the guitar and turn around, this is what you see:
DSC_7854Our family room.

DSC_7862The map has already been removed, the pillows replaced, the couch moved over.

And there’s now playdoh droppings everywhere. Yes, welcome to my home.

DSC_7850Mantles scare me.

As for the rest of the room, all I know is that Ryan’s 92 year old grandma rolled in and went on and on about how much she loved the decor.

Because she’s 92. And there’s afghans and doilies and needle points everywhere you look.

Now looking into the toy room.
DSC_7851Once again, things have moved around.

I wish I knew what my style is. My problem is that I like so many different types. Pottery barn, Beach Cottage, English Cottage, Shabby Chic, Granny Chic, Bohemian, Natural, Mid-Century, Primitive, Antiquey.


Help me.

By accident I did catch this grouping:
DSC_7884and really liked it.

Maybe I’ll go with that.

Or maybe I’ll go with my unbearably bright afghan that was crocheted by my grandma. We’ll see. This is the fun part, I have to keep reminding myself.

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