A few things…

Being the youngest of four, I’m appalled at what I’m about to confess. I swore I’d never: take less photos, document less, put her in a play pen. Literally the only documentation that I existed from ages 0-5 were of me playing with toys in a play pen. (You may roll your eyes, mom.) And just like my loud declaration that I would NEVER drive a mini-van after having to cruise around in one during college (complete with no a/c and a carpeted dashboard), I now understand how convenient they’d be with kids….and am considering diving back into that party-mobile again.

Alas, I’ve broken all my rules, the last mostly to protect Annie from Ruth’s curious hands.

So here is my attempt to correct the first two. Let’s learn a little bit more about Miss Annie:

She has long toes. Her second toe is even with the big one, just like mine. Ruth likes to do ‘This Little Piggy’ on them and I don’t blame her. Love those toesies.
She throws gang signs.  DSC_7547
Her favorite position gives me a good arm workout. DSC_7551
She has hairy ears.DSC_7609
Her second favorite position is over the shoulder. Her grandma likes to say she feels like a sack of flour. DSC_7610
She’s tired. DSC_7601
And then wakes up at 3am to give me this look:DSC_7602
She has some pretty killer eyebrows. DSC_7603
She apparently doesn’t like So You Think You Can Dance. Or several different blanket patterns in one shot. Ruthie does, thank heavens.DSC_7679
It’s generally going pretty well. She goes from 0 to 100 in nano seconds in the crying department. Every other night she’s a night owl. And every other night I get frustrated and tired and mumble angry things (that I don’t mean) about the rest of the world that does get to sleep. She lifts and throws her head back so much that her grandma says, “Annie!! Do you think you’re a big girl?” Her eye color is still undetermined. Some days they look light, other days dark.

But most of all she’s loved so very much by us all.


4 comments on “A few things…

  1. hotchabyrd says:

    The gang signs are my favorite. Shark? Jet all the way? Only time will tell.

  2. wondermom72 says:

    She is beautiful…both of your girls are!!

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