Ruthie wasn’t feeling well one evening. So we played it safe and stayed away from other kids the next day. This was fine until she heard her next door neighbor outside and scrambled up on the couch to watch her.
DSC_7102It was then that she realized she was being imprisoned.DSC_7107But then a prince(ess) came to rescue her!DSC_7106Blanche! However Ruthie can’t say L’s and says Biiiiiiiiiiitch. Literally. It’s especially awesome during quiet moments in church when she suddenly thinks of her friend and decides to yell out her name.DSC_7109Happy Days are here again! DSC_7110
Here’s what the giggling conversation sounded like:

2 comments on “Rapunzel

  1. ronna333 says:

    Dakota had problems with the word ‘sit’. I’ll leave it to you as to what he turned it into. 🙂

    • Carolyn says:

      Ha! That particular word is the reverse for me. I actually think she is saying the cuss word and I have to lie to people and say she’s saying ‘sit’. I apparently haven’t figured out that she understands when I mutter too. Sigh.

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