The Blue Balloon

Have you ever seen The Red Balloon? It’s a silent French short film following a boy and his, well, red balloon. So sweet. Here’s a clip:

So when I asked Ruth to pull out a book to read, this is the one she chose. And guess what caught her eye.
DSC_7034BUE. BAWOON. She can’t say her L’s yet and ends each word like there’s a period and pause. BUE (end of sentence) BAWOON.

So I went into my trusty hanging shoe holder thing inside the closet where I keep some crafts for her and scrummaged around for a balloon.

Here are some her some stills from her own sweet short film. If only we had some french in us. Well, I kinda was, you know. I remember my first midwife, while carrying Ruthie, said something to the effect of… Didn’t you know that the average weight gain for a woman in France is 50 lbs?

I was sooo french, people.

Anyway, onto Ruth’s mini photoshoot with her own friendly balloon.
I really was going for an artsy blurry look.


Go out and find a balloon, everyone! They bring so much joy.

2 comments on “The Blue Balloon

  1. andreajo74 says:

    Carolyn, I adore you and your blog! I want to hang out and get to know you better! {Have been thinking this already…promise I’m not digging you solely for your blog.}. 🙂

    • Carolyn says:

      Ha! The blog is my litmus test. If people read it and STILL want to hang out, then we’re all good. I’d like to get to know you too! Let’s plan something before this baby comes! Hurry!! 🙂

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