Last month, Ruth had some special visitors. Both sets of grandparents made an appearance! My parents came down just in time to babysit while I failed my glucose test. Luckily, my midwife gave me an additional few days to try to purge my body of all that sugar and retest again… which I passed. Barely.

Before I left for the glucose test of doom (in which I had to eat 27 jelly beans – poor little Carolyn! NOT.), my parents came to take over during Ruthie’s breakfast. She couldn’t stop staring at my mom. Probably because she couldn’t tell which gray headed lady at the table was her mom or grandma.
DSC_7001 Then she turned to look at grandpa who had immediately fallen asleep on the couch. Morning, dad.
DSC_6998 She quickly turned back to tell us Shhhhhh because Papa was sleeping. Can’t you see, you women??
DSC_6997 Mom made the unfortunate mistake of speaking again, which resulted in Ruthie yelling at us with even more force to SHHHHHHH!
DSC_7002 Mom didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
DSC_7004 So instead chose to just obey like a good little grandma.
DSC_7005 Ruth sure does love bossing us around.

The next weekend, Ryan’s parents came down to watch Ruth during our little jaunt. Somehow, not one photo was taken with our short time with them, but I did later take photos of something given to Ruthie from her Jama.

She made her a felt dress up doll! And yes, I squealed.
DSC_7092 But even better than that, she included in the accessory pile a picture of Ruth’s face. We laugh every time it makes an appearance.
DSC_7094But it always gets taken off a la guill0tine while searching for outfits to wear.
DSC_7096Slowly making a decision…
DSC_7098 And finally, my favorite scene:
DSC_7100Lay off the bubbles and tie-dye, Ruth. This ain’t no Burning Man festival.

Thank you so much Jama!

One comment on “Shhhhh!

  1. wondermom72 says:

    I Loved the pics with your parents!! So sweet!!!

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