From 4-5 Daily

Oh my Lordie. This girl.

I like her. I swear I do. But we’re not the best of friends from 4-5pm. Well, actually maybe we are.. because isn’t that how girlie friends act? I love you, I hate you, I love you.

Whenever I start on dinner, and god forbid, the dishes, Ruth has an absolute meltdown. I bring in toys, I turn on Baby Einstein, I shove cheerios in her mouth.


For a second I thought I had it down. I mean, she was actually playing while I was working.


She ran away with the silverware holder like it was her new purse.

It was so lovely that I took a photo. But you better believe I threw that camera down and hid in the corner, thankful for a moment of peace.

Ah, no way she’ll be back with that cool purse she’s now holding. That’ll keep her busy for at least 10 minutes.DSC_6498

Is it 5 o’clock yet?

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