Mon Cherie Part Deux

This is getting out of hand, how late these are, but I’ve just got to have a record of all of this. Ruth is about nine to ten months in these photos.
‘Once in a while, she will sit on my stomach while I lay on the ground. But only if I have a gift for her. In this case, my shorts’ string.
Pre-top teeth. You can just see them bulging out. It changed the way she looks that’s for sure, but now I can’t imagine her with out them. Well, I guess I could look at this photo.

‘Relaxin in the laundry basket.

‘Packing up the Shack is a long process. It wore Ruth out.

But she still found time to eat. Her jama and I laughed so hard at the faces she’d make.

Who knew veggie delight was so sour?

Really sour.

Then she’d peek her eyes open, probably hoping this was all a dream. Nope, we’re still here. I’m still your mom little lady.

When she was first born, I was kinda disappointed that she had brown eyes. Because they weren’t me. But oh how they’ve taken over my soul. Those eyes make me grin from the inside out.

The moment before pulling herself up. I’d smile when those hands would peek above the chest.

Intently listening to her cousins.

Taking over her grandparent’s house.

Always on the go, that one. And wouldn’t change a thing.

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