Mon Cherie


The blog and I had taken a little hiatus. But now, with a new internet connection, we are friends again.

So prepare thyself, because this is only part one of my photo montage to little Ruth. I want to give an overview of the last few months and then get more detailed in our adventures.┬áLet’s bust this out, shall we?

Ruth brings out her inner godzilla.

Just like her mama’s own delusion, she thinks she’s a delicate sweet damsel in distress. We all know the truth.

Oh crud, she heard me.

No sweetie, you really are that willowy leading lady. Not Godzilla.

Believe me.

Keep it together Ruth.

Okay, after that look, now I’m changing my mind. I’m drowning in your deep brown eyes. You really are the lovely soft heroine.

Ah, there’s the real Ruth.

You almost had me there, heh, but I love you either way.

Making me laugh won’t change my mind, babe.

But it was a valiant effort Godzil-, I mean, Ruth.

You are sweet, though, baby Ruthie. Remember when Grandma came down and you cradled her face?

Or when you and your rolls had a hillbilly bath outside?

Here are some other moments that squeezed my heart:

The giddy grin because you got to nap with your dad.

And the (pinkie promise!) non-posed, identical positions during another nap time. (Side note: Why aren’t I napping too??)

Or how about the face you get when working on something. This is serious business, tearing up paper. Along with flipping through books, pulling laundry out of the basket, and picking up that miniscule piece of whatever on the ground. You zero in, focus, and breath heavily.

You let your mouth fall open and look up to give yourself a break, but then get right back down to it. I love when you’re serious.

Your Mary Poppins stance.

Biting your upper lip.

Killing me with that face.

Aaaaand there she is.

The Godzilla we know and love. I’d almost forgotten you were there.

Up next, part deux.