The Mobile-Homemaker

Guess what. I really am starting a second blog this time:

The Mobile-Homemaker

Yes, I am finally showing the world where I live. Never thought I’d be so bold. I mean, this isn’t exactly my dream.

But then I thought, “Okay, so this isn’t your ‘dream home’. So what. And, Carolyn, while you’re so-ing what, why don’t you grow up too. Thanks.”

This is just one stop along the way of our family’s journey. It’s where I gave birth to our daughter (and, yes, I will hang that over her head when she’s 16), it’s where I started my first garden, where I learned how to sew, where I learned how to manage a home, along with many other things.

And I bet you anything I’ll look back on it fondly.

So as I delve more deeply into this world of “make-your-own (fill in the blank)”, organizing, and decorating-on-the-cheap, I’d like to invite you to join me. And watch me. And cheer me on when something goes right. And tease me when something goes wrong.

I want you there through it all.

Cue The Banjo will continue as is, more focused on my family and our jaunts here and there.  So never fear, more photos of me with my exposed nursing pad will continue to be uploaded.

Thanks for the ear, friends. Enjoy!


P.S. I also have a FB page for The Mobile-Homemaker. I’d love for you to hang out with me there too, or you can just click on the sidebar to get there. 🙂 Peace out.

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3 comments on “The Mobile-Homemaker

  1. Susan says:

    Love your posts! You are going to look back at your days at “The Shack” as some of the best in your life! Trust me! Take lots of pictures and enjoy your time with your baby girl…

  2. I envy your shack! I’m living in an apartment in an old victorian. No land of my own. I’ve also got a thing for tiny houses ;).

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