Moments to Remember

Having a handy laundry helper.


Watching how concerned she gets when Pilar, the glo-worm, burns from the inside out. Side note:  For some reason I though it was a caterpillar, hence ‘Pilar’. Nevermind.


Basking in the afternoon sun.


Catching her just as she wakes up.


Staring (and kissing) the back of her soft little furry head. I had to roll her to the side to get a shot. She liked that a lot.


Bedtime stories – she absolutely loves be read to. Makes me happy.


Feet in my face. Constantly.


Pruny skin after a bubbly bath.

And, boy, there are so many more that I don’t capture. Love this girl.

4 comments on “Moments to Remember

  1. Susan Blair says:

    Precious baby…and so beautiful!…Just like her mama. Love seeing you enjoy her! :o)

  2. A says:

    Can’t get over those beautiful dark eyes! Harper will SO enjoy her!

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