This is an A & B conversation, so C your way out, thankyouverymuch

R has had a busy few weeks at work. When he leaves, we are both still blissfully dreaming… and when he gets home, Ruth is either down for the night or only awake for a quick diaper change before zonking out again.

And he’s been bummed. So he’s settled for running into the back room as soon as he walks in and gazing at her over the side of the crib.

Last night, however, she awoke earlier than normal in the evening and I motioned to R to go back and grab her. She was a growly little monster yesterday, so I wanted to wear her out before her next chunk of sleeping time (read: during my next chunk sleeping time.)

So he walked in the bedroom… and never came back out. I heard talking going on, so decided to peek in.

And this is what I saw…


I had one moment where my heart about burst before remembering to run for the camera.

Two shots in, I was spotted and told in not so many words to leave the room. This was her daddy time and she was not about to let me spoil it.

I played it cool and left as requested. Besides, when she did go to sleep… she slept for 5 straight hours. (Can I getta What! What!) I was in heaven. She needs daddy time more often me thinks.

One comment on “This is an A & B conversation, so C your way out, thankyouverymuch

  1. Great Unc Jimmy says:

    It appears that “Sweet Cheeks” has her Daddy well trained …. God help him!!

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