Sweet Cheeks McGee

Can you believe these sweet cheeks are 3 months old? We certainly can’t.

It has been the longest and shortest three months of my life. As the days start to have glimmers of a routine, and I have finally figured out how important sleep is for her, therefore equaling more naps, I can take a step back and see how fast it is slipping away.

There are two moments that I am now cherishing more than ever. They’re both tied to each other in a natural way, and one of them may surprise you. But they’re two times that I can count on me and her connecting one-on-one for a good amount of time to come.


And changing her diaper.

And yes, I’m savoring them both equally, because she so loves getting her diaper changed.

So in honor of her turning the big 0.3 0.25 (Thank you Kristy for pointing out my horrible math skills!), I sang to her Sweet Child of Mine by GNR, along with my very best snake-like dance moves.

She was not impressed.

12 comments on “Sweet Cheeks McGee

  1. Beth says:

    She is so cute! Happy 0.3 Birthday Ruth.

  2. Susan says:

    Beautiful baby! Happy Birthday, Ruth!

  3. cdubs says:

    Congrats on 3-mo survival! With the first, those first mos are the hardest! Most days I can’t believe I have successfully (that part is open to interpretation) raised my 3…my oldest just turned 10.
    That’s right, you may have some gray but I gave birth over 10 yrs ago! I wish you many more happy milestones with your precious little girl!

  4. Kristy says:

    Good news!!!!!! 3 mos is only 0.25 Birthday! So there’s an extra 0.05 for you! You’re welcome! More time with Sweet Cheeks McGee!

  5. Kate says:

    Kristy-I actually WATCHED that episode. First of all…I’m not taking any schooling advice from a woman named “Button”.

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