When did I give birth to James Gandolfini

Well, at least in looks, that is. I’d say she’s more Don Corleone in personality.

Take when our friends stopped over on their way from South Carolina to Kansas. First off, let’s give them a virtual fist bump for driving straight through to our house. When Ruth was Is’s age, we took her to Kansas City and I remember asking to be dropped off at every intersection we came to. “Don’t worry. I can walk the rest of the way,” I assured them.

It was a rough ride.

So when they arrived, I allowed only minimal small talk before kicking them into the back bedroom for a nap. Ruth and I would take care of baby.

She was only slightly excited to make a new friend. Just like her mama, creating an awkward tension with her overeagerness of potential friendships.

I whispered to her to wipe that scary “I’m gonna gobble you up!” smile off her face and play it cool.

She didn’t listen.

Ruth wanted to sit on my knee and just stare at Is. I told her that was creepy, but she insisted.

She waited for Is’s aknowledgement. And waited…

And waited.


In fact, I’m pretty sure Is hurt herself in avoiding eye contact with Ruth. It was tough to watch, but Ruth needed to learn this lesson in how not to go about making friends. Hovering over a resting person, boring your eyes into the side of their head is probably not the best plan of attack.

And that’s when something changed in Ruthie, aka Don Corleone.

She leaned back during a forced photo op, her bulky cloth diaper making her reminiscent of an old mob boss at the coffee shop…. waiting to have “a talk.” Ruth said something to Is that none of us could hear, causing her to get very upset.

It didn’t faze Ruthie. She calmly continued with her Godfather/Sopranos ways…

and poor Is eventually succumbed to Ruth’s friendship. Probably against her will, we’ll never know the specifics of that conversation…. but we think it had something to do with offers that Is couldn’t refuse.

Who could blame Is, though, when faced with James’ identical twin. Would you refuse?

Special Features: Behind the photo shoot

These girls never saw it coming.

4 comments on “When did I give birth to James Gandolfini

  1. Jesyka says:

    #1.) Your baby is REAL cute. And I don’t just throw those out there. Because most of the time, other people’s babies are not cute at all. Not even a little bit.

    #Deuce) A Confession: When I read your posts, I scan the photos for familiar faces in the hopes that we have a mutual acquaintance that is a “regular” in both of our lives that can orchestrate a way for our paths to cross. Ryan Paskiewisz’s wife told me that she thought we would get along quite well, so since we both live in the tiniest antique town ever, I am always amazed that I have not run into you somewhere. (Warning, when this happens, I will inevitably walk up to you and say “Hey!” in a way that suggests a familiarity that we just don’t have in real life…I promise I’m not a creeper, I just don’t always think things through-as in, “Why would this complete stranger whose blog I happen to read not be super creeped out by my overly familiar greeting?”
    #3.) The End.

    P.S. The Earthquake post and the Graphic Content post caused a genuine LOL.

    • cuethebanjo says:

      In response: #1) Ruth said she’ll give you 20 bucks for that comment. (but thank you. šŸ™‚ ) #2) Holy Cow! I had no idea you lived in SS. You probably haven’t seen me around because I’m currently being held prisoner by something that weighs 150 lbs lighter than me. Just so you know, Ruthie weighs negative 50 lbs. (P.S. I’m *always* on the lookout for new people to be made to feel uncomfortable by my awkward social skills. Plus, Ryan and I need new Spades players, so…)

      • Jesyka says:

        Please let Ruth know that payment isn’t necessary. Once I cross the line into blatant flattery, we can renegotiate a deal.
        I have been a resident of SS for three years. Such a charming antique town. Despite the lack of Target and other businesses that I wish would show up so I don’t ever have to leave this town unless it involves vacation.
        We don’t have kiddos yet, but it has been fun reading your posts about adjusting to being a parent. Your sense of humor makes me think that I might just be able to handle it.

        Awkward social skills? Confession: I hope yours are worse than mine!

  2. […] me with Ruth’s scary “I’m gonna stalk you” grin when she stared down her new friend. I have no idea where she gets that weird social ineptness. I […]

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