Swedish Coffee

While my in-laws stayed with us a couple weekends ago, R’s dad brought up “cowboy coffee”, which is basically coffee brewed over the campfire when you’re in a pinch. Unfortunately, there’s grounds in it. Cowboys don’t care, though.

By the way, I have no idea how we get onto any of these subjects. I had probably confessed that my dying wish is to go on a cattle drive a la Billy Crystal in City Slickers. Everything has become my dying wish lately. It sounds that much more romantic. At this moment, my dying wish is that Ruthie takes a nap to give me enough time to use conditioner in the shower. A few extra minutes to shave my legs would be the heaven part afterwards. I’m sure R’s dying wish is to quit talking about my dying wishes.

After we wrinkled our noses at the ground-filled cowboy coffee, he threw out “Swedish Coffee”. A similar campfire technique, minus the grounds, plus an egg. So we searched how to make it on youtube. Looked easy, so I asked the FIL to be my hand model and walk us through the steps.

First you pour a scoop of coffee into a bowl.

Then crack an egg and mix into grounds. Shell and all. We were surprised by that. Don’t forget to say hello to the cutest dog in the world, Shady.

After it’s all mixed up and looking like cake batter, dump it into boiling water.

As we waited a couple minutes for it to brew, I took the opportunity to admire FIL’s gorgeous gray/white goatee. If you don’t know, I’m slightly obsessed with white hair. Even to the point that I’m kinda hoping I go that color soon. My thought process is that if I keep my hair uncolored and gray, I’ll look the same age for a longer period of time.

R said, “You mean looking 55 until you’re 55.”

Yep. But when I’m 55, it won’t be a shock to anyone at least.

Look at it, though. That color on a bob would be so classy. I love it.

I wish it were in my genes.

Hang on, people! After looking at other photos, I spotted my dad’s pretty white hair. Maybe I do have a chance!!

Poor R. Good thing he likes older women.

Now let’s all take a moment and count Ruthie’s chins. I see 4. Atta girl.

After a few minutes, we were ready to pour the brewed coffee. No strainer is necessary.

Why? Because the egg holds all of the grounds back! Look at that clear coffee, we were all amazed.

And there’s the residue.

Just a little diy. You know, in case you’re out camping and happen to also be carrying around one egg.


5 comments on “Swedish Coffee

  1. Susan Blair says:

    I have to say I’ve never heard of Swedish coffee…and that was pretty cool!

  2. Stephanie says:

    How did it taste??

  3. I had heard of Swedish coffee but was always grossed out at the thought of egg in my coffee. I never actually tried making it. I should have… this doesn’t look like there is any slimy, eggy grossness in the finished product at all!

    And I love your random rambling about hair color and baby chins while we were waiting for the coffee to steep!

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