I normally don’t talk about specific companies or products that I purchase, but can I drop a line about featherBUNNY?

Feathers are all the rage now, aren’t they? Well, at least around here they are… so I guess that means they were hot a couple years ago somewhere else. Oh well.

featherBUNNY has great feather-like extensions that are perfect alternatives to the real rooster feathers being sold on the market.

But let’s get serious, the most important part is how they affected me. They changed my attitude & ambiance so completely.

It was nothing short of a miracle, really.

I showed up feeling really drab and dull. No energy, no pizazz. Everyone was annoyed. They yelled, “Hey you! Over there with the obviously padded push-up bra! Quit being a fuddy duddy.” And then I heard them whisper, “Man, all she just needs are some featherBUNNY feathers.”

featherBUNNY feathers? What are — ”

and I was quickly covered with a blanket and drug into the bathroom… same dull expression. The thought that I was being kidnapped couldn’t even change that gloomy face.

And then she whipped out a light brown feather. This person must know me because despite the myriad of colors in her case, she settled on one that would give me a subtle highlighted look.

It was put in my hair…

STEP AWAY FROM THE DANCE FLOOR PEOPLE. I’m ready to party! No RedBull was used during the application of the feather. This was the real deal.

Could the feather really give me this much energy and spirit? Apparently so.

I needed something to balance it out though, and still wanting to go natural, she suggested the gray feather.

Rude. But true… and out came my inner Jessica Rabbit.

Parrrrdon me, boyssss.

Wow, I haven’t felt this sexy since dressing up as a girl from the 18th century.

Seriously, though. If you want an inexpensive way to give your look a little kick without the permanence of actually coloring your hair (don’t forget you’re saving a rooster!), check out featherBUNNY.

Also check her out on Facebook and you could be entered to win free extensions along with feather earrings coming in August.

You won’t be disappointed!

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